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Does my tree need pruning?

As a rule of thumb, the best thing you can do for a tree is to leave it alone! Importantly this includes its rooting zone. Trees have evolved to grow in groups close to one another without interference from us. Their life cycles can include shedding branches and ultimately end in death and decay leading to structural failure.


Obviously there are occasions when a tree may need some attention if we are to share our living space with it. For instance, if a tree has grown with an inherent structural weakness, or if it has been compromised by damage or decay. Why not contact us today?

How do we do it?

Over the last few decades research into how trees grow and respond to wounding has shown arborists where to prune or remove branches so that the injury will cause the least impact on the tree's ability to defend itself.

For assistance with tree pruning, call our friendly team who will be happy to help


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Norway Maple Before Crown Reduction Norway Maple After Crown Reduction

Norway Maple before crown reduction

Norway Maple after crown reduction

tree surgeon using a cherry picker to carry out a crown reduction