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Pollarding is the name for pruning back large trees. The initial process will dramatically cut back the major limbs of a tree, with follow up pruning required every subsequent year. Long slender shoots will replace what was originally removed, and they will need to be trimmed as part of an on-going maintenance plan.


If you have trees which you feel may require pollarding, please contact our team who will be able to visit your location and provide an assessment.

Create more space

If an area is becoming particularly overcrowded, you may feel that you need to start felling trees. Pollarding provides an environmentally friendly alternative, preserving both aesthetics and nature.

For more information about pollard management in Newmarket, please call us now

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Trees that respond well to pollarding

  • Sycamores

  • Mulberries

  • Horse chestnuts

  • Willow

  • Beech

Ask about our consultancy services

For a comprehensive assessment of the trees in your area, book a consultation with one of our professional arborists. Find out more about how this could help you here.